A home is a special place where we go to relax, enjoy family and recharge.  These environments should not be compromised with poor air quality, hazardous materials and mould. Buller Crichton Environmental Inc. offers assessment services to complete air quality testing, designated substances / hazardous materials surveys and mould sampling / assessment as well as contractor oversight and testing during remediation, if required.

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As humans who spend 80% of our time indoors it is crucial that the air we breathe is free of contaminants for the good of our health.


Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral silicate found throughout the earths crust and comes in a variety of forms. These mineral fibers have a series of unique characteristics, including they’re tensile strength, flexibility and resistance to heat, mould, chemicals, and electricity.  As a result, they have been widely used in the manufacture of construction materials (e.g. plaster, ceiling tiles, floor tiles and drywall compound), automotive parts, and even textiles.

Asbestos is not easily identified, but can be found in many building materials dating to the mid-1980s.  If it’s not wood or steel and was manufactured in the 1980s or earlier, a building material may contain asbestos

Asbestos in good condition does not pose a health concern, however, renovation or construction activities that will (or may) disturb suspected asbestos-containing materials pose a risk.  Owners and constructors are legally required to have any and all suspect materials assessed and tested for the presence of asbestos prior to disturbance.

By commissioning Buller Crichton Environmental Inc. to inspect and analyse your building materials for asbestos, you will receive certified, trained and experienced guidance.  This support will assist you in making the healthiest decisions for your family while ensuring regulatory compliance at the same time.

Designated Substances and Hazardous Materials

In Ontario, eleven substances have been prescribed as designated substances in one regulation under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (O. Reg. 490/09, Designated Substances), including asbestos, lead, mercury and arsenic. This regulation prescribes the maximum airborne concentration of these designated substances that a worker can be exposed to in a 40-hour work week as well as ways to both assess and control these substances in the workplace. In addition to this, there is a specific regulation regarding asbestos on construction projects, buildings and repair operations - O. Reg. 278/05 - Designated Substance - Asbestos on Construction Projects and in Buildings and Repair Operations that outlines your obligations as a building owner, operator and employer.

When you hire Buller Crichton Environmental Inc. to assess your home for the 11 regulated substances as well as other potentially harmful materials (i.e., bird feces, mould, Urea Foam Formaldehyde Insulation (UFFI), etc.) you can be sure that you are on the right track to keeping your family health and safe.

Water Loss, Moisture & Mould

A water loss (flood) in your home can result in the growth of potentially toxic species of mould.  Reacting quickly through proper assessment will reduce or eliminate potential mould growth on various porous or semi-porous building materials (i.e., carpet mastic, drywall, wood, etc.).  In addition, mould growth can be a result of excessively humid environments or chronic water leaks left unattended.  This growth often produces airborne mould spores with the potential to negatively impact the health of building occupants.  Side effects of exposure can result in headaches, asthma and general malaise.

Buller Crichton Environmental Inc. is qualified to assist with water loss expertise, existing mould issues, air quality testing and oversight during remediation if required.  This can be achieved by means of visual assessment, building material and air quality testing, as well as moisture mapping to identify areas of concern.


Radon is a radioactive gas found naturally occurring in the environment.  It is odourless and invisible, but may enter your home or building through cracks, gaps or pipe penetrations.  When radon is confined or enclosed in poorly ventilated spaces, it can accumulate to high and potentially problematic levels.

Buller Crichton offers air quality testing services for radon exposure.  We have certified workers through the Canadian – National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP) - a certification program that establishes guidelines, training and resources for the provision of radon services by professionals.

BCE recommends long term testing in accordance with Health Canada recommendations by Alpha-trak Detection method.  Health Canada recommends that radon testing be conducted during the heating season from approximately October to April (minimum of 91 days).

BCE also has the ability to complete short-term radon testing by Electret ion Chamber or E-perm method.