Manufacturing / Industrial

The manufacturing environment is full of health and safety challenges with significant risks.  Succeeding past these challenges is achieved by understanding the various industries within which this work takes place. Buller Crichton Environmental Inc. works with manufacturing and industrial clients to develop health and safety programs designed to understand their regulatory requirements and corporate goals.  We offer a long list of services designed to keep the workforce healthy, safe and productive.


Mine sites are a busy place with health and safety being the top priority.  However, production is also at the fore front of operations to ensure the continued life of mine.  With large work forces, challenging environments and a large array of human exposures and safety hazards, mining companies must spend a significant amount of energy on keeping their employees healthy and safe.  From the complete design and execution of Industrial Hygiene programs through health and safety auditing and compliance review, Buller Crichton Environmental Inc. can help.

Buildings & Real Estate

Humans typically spend 80% of their time indoors.  This is a staggering statistic that makes us realise the importance of good air quality and benefits of a contaminant free environment.  Buller Crichton Environmental Inc. can help with air quality testing, designated substance / re-assessment surveys, confined space program development and legionella testing / program development to name a few.  The importance of your work environment should never be compromised and Buller Crichton can help.

Construction / Demolition

The first phase in any large-scale demolition project is the assessment of designated substances and other hazardous building materials.  Following an assessment and determination of contaminant locations, Buller Crichton Environmental Inc. will develop specifications to be included in contractor tender packages and complete air testing and contractor oversight during removal.  Buller Crichton Environmental Inc. knows that schedule is important on construction projects and uses their vast experience in this field to avoid cost overruns and schedule delays while keeping the work force healthy and safe.  Ask about our services related to new construction and LEED certification as well as pre-demolition hazardous materials assessments.


A home is a special place where we go to relax, enjoy family and recharge.  These environments should not be compromised with poor air quality, hazardous materials and mould. Buller Crichton Environmental Inc. offers assessment services to complete air quality testing, designated substances / hazardous materials surveys and mould sampling / assessment as well as contractor oversight and testing during remediation, if required.